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going out there and just being consistent and going out there and playing football. you know, i love my team, man, i go out there and play hard for those guys. >> michele: you told me earlier that really until you guys win in the postseason, people aren't maybe going to give you the liftlif legislatesy. at 8-0 how good are the falcons? >> we are starting to be a good football team and that is good, man, we need these kind of wins so we in the playoffs we can win them so we doing a good job right now. >> michele: roddy, congratulations. >> thank you. >> michele: over to julio jones now. earlier in the game a look at on the receivers as dallas was shutting down the run. how did you succeed in those circumstances? >> the preparation throughout the week. practice. matt comfortable throwing the deep ball. you know? he going to take us over there. if it's one-on-one matchups he just throw it up there and let us make a play and what i did early on. >> michele: playing alongside roddy white. matt has told us that you might
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be the most improved player on this team. what is it like to have roddy white next to you and matt ryan throwing to you and how have they contributed to that? >> a great mentors. i come out here, i don't have any pressure on me. i just got to come out here and just play. me i put pressure on myself because i don't want want to let the guys next to me down. glad we got a "w" tonight. >> michele: you didn't let anyone down tonight. congratulations, julio. >> michele, thanks. tony dungy, your reaction to tonight's game. a falcon win and cowboy loss. >> bob, what we saw tonight, again, was just demonstration of the difference between atlanta and dallas. atlanta is making those plays in the fourth quarter to win close games. dallas, as we talked about on the pregame show, as cris talked about in the fourth quarter when they had an opportunity, just can't make the fundamental plays. orlando scandrick a chance to stop a drive and misses a tackle and another third down situation
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and he grabs a jersey. this is is what has happened to dallas over and over in the fourth quarter. they just can't make the fundamental play in the fourth quarter to win it. >> now the giants lost at home today. eli manning had an off day. pittsburgh came in and won. we have seen the giants stumble before at mid season. but the question would be -- could any of the other teams in the division take advantage? >> yeah, i believe giants fans are a little bit uneasy today because they have seen this, where the giants have played so well early in the year, but now where they normally are taking advantage of that fourth quarter eli manning game winning drive, they couldn't get it today. just too much pressure on eli and coming back to the pack a little bit. now, dallas blew a golden opportunity tonight to get back to within one game in the loss column. philadelphia has a big game tomorrow in new orleans that, all of a sudden, is that much bigger. if one of these teams can get going, they possibly can catch the giants.
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giants have to right the ship. >> but the chances of that seem slim. not the giants righting the ship but the cowboys or the eagles and certainly not washington catching them. you still have to like the giants situation in their division. tony, thanks very much. we turn to mike florio of pro football talk. mike, take us through some of today's most important injuries. >> bob, running back darren mcfadden of the raiders has had several injuries over the course of his career and has another one and suffered ankle injury on sunday in the loss to the buccaneers and his status is reportedly week-to-week. the green bay packers linebacker clay moouts left today's game with a hamstring injury. also receiver jordy nelson came into the game with a hamstring injury and left early with a sprained ankle. for the steelers, receiver antonio brown left the game with an ankle injury and afterward said it's high ankle sprain. i'm told it's not and he can play next monday night against the kansas city chiefs. redskins quarterback robert griffin iii had x-rays after today's loss to the panthers on his ribs. x-rays are negative. he says he is fine but i'm told
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he is very, very sore. >> mike, thanks. folks, a reminder tune into the all-new pro football talk every weekend at 5:00 p.m. on the nbc sports network. another programming note. "the dan patrick show" can be seen every weekend morning from 9:00 to noon starting tomorrow on the nbc sports network. al and cris to wrap things up after this. . leave ordinary behind with wendy's new bacon portabella melt. applewood smoked bacon, rich portabellas in a melty cheddar sauce. unleashing the power of the melt. that's wendy's way. now that's better. [ male announcer ] can a car be built around a state of mind?
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>> al: you know, that schedule came out before the season and we looked at, okay, november 11th, houston at chicago. the first thing i thought about they never play each other and only met twice since the texans in the league in 2000. you go what kind of a game is that going to be? now we have two teams 7-1, the bears with that crazy defense. this is going to be something next week. >> cris: it's remarkable to watch the bears play defense. they are scoring defensively at a rate we have never seen in the national football league. two more return touchdowns and they will have tied an nfl record and we're sitting there at the halfway point. now they have to go up against an excellent offense. matt schaub winning 10 of last 11 games and arian foster. so many weapons on that houston team. it's going to be a classic. >> al: we go to the long john
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portion of our schedule. >> cris: we do, indeed! break them out, baby. >> al: next week we will be in chicago. the texans against the bears on "sunday night football." here tonight, atlanta beats dallas by a score of 19-13. al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya. the whole crew saying good night from the georgia dome in atlanta. .
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right now on nbc bay area news, we will show you one of the most controversial propositions on the ballot that might catch some people off guard. also a family fishing trip turned into a dramatic rescue a sea at port reyes, and we will show you what emergency crews had to do to save two children. and the mayor cancelled the new york city marathon, but it did not stop runners from participating in a bigger vent today. we will explain that. good evening, i'm diane dwyer and we are on a special time because of football. with e begin with the presidential election down to the final hours now. and listen to this, the two campaigns held a combined 14
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events in five states. >> two days before voters go to the polls, governor mitt romney and president obama were fighting for votes in the battleground states. >> florida, in two days, you've got a choice the make. >> the final nbc news poll before the election shows the candidates are in a dead heat. president obama with a 48 to 47% lead. but the president's handling of hurricane sandy has boosted his approval numbers. >> you don't know what crisis the next president will confront. >> in the toss up state of ohio governor romney is six points down, which is forcing him to look to other it is thes like iowa that could prove critical on the electoral map. >> we can do better. a better america. a stronger america is ahead. >> reporter: a day after governor romney stumped in new hampshire. >> our president barack obama.
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>> reporter: the president was there with former president bill clinton. it's a race so tight that even four electoral votes could be the margin of victory. the nbc poll shows that this is a battle of the sexes. president obama has an eight-point lead among women and governor romney a zseven-point lead among men. california teachers spent their sunday rallying for proposition 30 to prevent billions of dollars in cuts to education. educators and other supporters are manning phone banks and goes door to door. and today, gavin newsom told a group in freemont that the future of the schools is on the line tuesday. >> we can't after tord the mafoe cuts to the most poor. i'm a democrat like you. we want to prevent disease.
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>> prop 30 would cause increasing taxes on those individuals making more than $300,000. and if passed the proposition with the most votes will become law. californians are facing big decisions on election day. there is a plethora of statewide issues and among the most controversial is proposition 34 which would repeal the death penalty, and we have more on why voters don't know about it. >> well, this ballot has a lot for voters to consider, and prop 34 is being overshadowed for tax increases and local and state and national elections. >> well, prop 34 is the one i am paying attention to. >> reporter: it would end the death penalty and replace it with life in prison without parole. prop 34 is slightly ahead, but
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many are still undecide and even more who may not know much about the proposition. >> it is unfortunate that so many more important issues like these are below the radar, because so many questions are put before the voters all at once and it leaves to us wonder at once if we are asking too much of the voters on one hand, and whether the voters don't take the issue seriously enough on the other. >> reporter: those who want to eliminate the death penalty took their fight to church today in southern california appealing to people's faith and sense of justice. naacp president ben jelous reminded the parishioners that african-americans are executed at a disproportionate rate. and proponents say that getting rid of the death penalty would save the state more than $100 million and e lliminate the possibility that an inmate could be put to death. >> it is a death penalty is a punishment for people of color and poor people of all colors.
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it does not make us safer. >> reporter: california has 127 inmates on death row which is more than any other state, and only 13 inmates have been executed in the last 34 years. prop 34 opponents agree that the system is broken, but say that the solution is to streamline the appeals process. three california governors, republicans pete nelson and gray davis agree with this issue saying that they should not escape their fate. >> they have killed 34 children and 24 police officers an raped an murdered more than 235 people. why in the world would the people of california want to reduce their death sentence? >> a similar proposition to repeal the death penalty went before voters in 2004 and defeated 53 to 47%. diane. >> thank you, kimberly.
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we will have a complete live coverage of the local and national races on election night. and you can logon to where we will have a complete list of the results. and about 7,000 union members throughout the state are now on strike. this is the scene at the knob hill store in alameda today. they have been picketting since 6:00 this morning after the deadline passed at midnight without agreement. they have been in negotiations for more than a year and the main sticking points at this point are health care benefits and proposed wage freeze and elimination of premium pay for sunday shifts. the workers are fighting to keep those benefits. >> we want our holiday pays and our sunday pays. we work hard and we deserve it, and our families deserve it. >> the strike is the company's first in the 77-year history. management says that the company has to cut costs in the face of the weak economy and the competition of non-union stores
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such as walmart. still ahead on bay area city news, off of the coast of moran, a group of people including two children had to be rescued after their boat tipped offduring a fishing trip. we will show you the rescue. and making the best of a bad situation. hundreds of new york marathon runners came together despite the fact that the race was canc canceled. we will talk about that and update you on hurricane sandy. and the temperature tonight is mild, 67 degrees, but as we go back to the workweek, things are heating up and it could feel like 80 in some spot. we will show you the details when we come back.
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there was a dramatic scene off of the coast of moran county where seven people and two children are safe tonight after
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their boat overturned off of the coast. the coast guard says that the 25-foot motor boat overturned in mollusk bay. the authorities say that both of the children both under 6 yeas s old were trapped in the cabin in an air pocket, and the rescues stood on the hull of the boat, as you can see, as it was towed to the beach so they can keep in contact with the children. once they reached the shore, they had to cut a hole in the hull to get the children out. remarkably, both were okay but very, very cold. >> the two children in the water the longest were transported by the petaluma paramedics to the petaluma hospital to be treated for hypothermia. everybody was talking and alert, and to the best of my knowledge, they were uninjured besides being in the water for an extended period of time. >> two adults were also rescued by helicopter while three others swam to shore. today, thousands of would-be new york city marathon runners
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redirected their energy to help with the recovery of h hurricane sandy.ners today wearing backs s hit the road running to staten isla island. they delivered food and toilet paper and batteries and flashlights. most say they are happy that the race was cancelled. >> i don't know think that i would have felt good about it that people were suffering and cold and lost their homes. my goodness. >> i am glad i could come out here and the run was cancelled and willing to lend a hand to the folks in need. >> thousands more poured into new york city's central park to take part in an alternative marathon and organizer ers calld it run anyway, because a lot of people wanted to finish what they started. we will be back with the change coming up in the weather. medications?
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okay. today was one of the glorious days where you don't know what time of the year it s and we
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will check into the meteorologist rob meyer. what is going on? >> well, rewinding to aus gust and by tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s around san jose. and santa rosa is 79. and look at san francisco 77 degrees. tomorrow, three the five degrees more warming coming into the bay area as the temperatures continue to come on up. right now, 50s and 66 60s, and sign of the sea breeze so for the next five days, extremes in the weather department. summer-like temperatures to start the week and then feeling like winter at the end of the week as rain comes back later thursday and friday. we have short term pressure strengthening, and you will notice from the inland locations by santa rosa and livermore and morgan hill, you will see the upper 80s around santa cruz where we could break the records for two days' time, and at least through tuesday and then wednesday and thursday, the
8:56 pm
pattern shifts and the high moves off to the east, and then cooler air will drift in which brings the rain from thursday afternoon to thursday night, and then chilly drops. we are flipping the numbers around for inland spots for the next two days and 58 inland on friday. tonight, we will see the lows in the 40s and the 50s and warming quickly into tomorrow. and when i say warming quickly, upper 80s from gillroy, and some of the 80s in the trivalley. some of the warmest spots up near santa rosa, and the uppers near 80 in san francisco and 82 in oakland. so, yes, summer, monday and tuesday and then the big change starting wednesday. yu will see the temperatures cooling down. and we are really cooling off thursday and friday and again the rain event is thursday evening into friday morning and chilly showers and air cold enough for snow if that holds up near 4,000 feet. we have heat for the first two days of the week and then winter coat weather to wrap it up. summer to winter in five days'
8:57 pm
time. >> i am sort of not buying it. >> we will see about next weekend. it looks cold though. a man who lost a leg in a motorcycle accident helped to test a new prosthetic controlled by his thoughts. 31-year-old zach voder tested the leg friday at the sky rise fund-raising event. he climbed 103 flights of stairs with the members of the rehab center cheering him on all of the way. it is the first test in public. the leg is designed to respond from electrical pulses from the head and the hamstring. this raised funds for the rehab center. incredible pictures to watch. trying to get over that, and also the rescue out there at the bay. incredible, but they are all okay. thanks for watching this special edition of bay area news. we have x finity sports sunday
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up next with jim koez more and then the 11:00 news coming up after that.
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